10 Amazing Animal Cafés You Need to Visit ASAP

by Anna Burke
Jun 5, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

If you were to compile a list of things that just about everyone on this planet enjoys, you would probably find coffee and cute animals near the top of the list. So just imagine how amazing it would be to combine your two favorite things in one place. I'm talking about animal cafés here people.

So what exactly is an animal café? It's your typical coffee or tea joint, except you get to cuddle adorable little creatures as you sip your warm beverage. It's no surprise that the popularity of animal cafés has sky-rocketed over the past few years. Here are the cafés we think you definitely need to visit at some point in your life.

1 /10: Bengal Brew Café

1/10 :Bengal Brew Café

The first café on my list is definitely Bengal Brew Café in the Philippines, where Bengal cats roam like the little leopards they are while café customers enjoy food and drink. Check out those catwalks!

2/10 :Meow Parlor

Next time you are in NYC, get out of the hustle and bustle and into the Meow Parlour, a cat café that books up just like Broadway shows — so make your reservation now.

3 /10: Le Café des Chats

3/10 :Le Café des Chats

Just over the border, Montreal is home to the first cat café in North America. Feel free to fall in love, but these felines are staying put. All were adopted by the coffee shop.

4 /10: Cat Town Cafe

4/10 :Cat Town Cafe

On the other side of the continent, Oakland boasts the Bay Area’s first cat café, where you can adopt stray cats and get coffee.

5 /10: Pups & Cups Dog Café

5/10 :Pups & Cups Dog Café

Cat cafés are popular, and with good reason, but dogs get a seat at the café table in the Philippines at Pups & Cups.

6 /10: Mimi Rabbit Café

6/10 :Mimi Rabbit Café

Cats and dogs are only some of the animals found in cafés these days. Tokyo is home to a Mimi Rabbit Café, and really, what could be cuter?

7/10 :Owl cafés

Tokyo is also home to several owl cafés, where the main attraction is definitely the owls, not the drinks, but does it really matter?

8 /10: Catmosphere

8/10 :Catmosphere

Catmosphere is the first cat café franchise. They have locations in Sydney, Australia, and in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

9 /10: Whole Pet Kitchen

9/10 :Whole Pet Kitchen

Want to treat your pet to a special treat? The Whole Pet Kitchen in the Philippines will bake your dog a cake and a full meal.

10/10 :BaBo Coffee

Take a sssssip with reptiles like snakes and lizards at BaBo Coffee in Vietnam.