11 Dog-friendly treats you can prepare in under 10 minutes

by Julie Sprankles
May 29, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Want to pamper your pooch but short on time?  The following dog-friendly treats can be prepared in 10 minutes or less, and chances are, you probably already have all the ingredients you need. 

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1 /17: Yogurt-peanut butter-banana bites

1/17 :Yogurt-peanut butter-banana bites

Plain yogurt, peanut butter and banana bites are especially refreshing when served frozen.

2 /17: Apple nachos

2/17 :Apple nachos

Apple slices drizzled in peanut butter are a doggy dream come true, and tasty for you too. 

3 /17: Bell pepper egg-in-a-hole

3/17 :Bell pepper egg-in-a-hole

This bell pepper and egg combo is chock-full of beta-carotene and protein for your pup. 

4 /17: Peanut butter balls

4/17 :Peanut butter balls

These energizing treats boast only four ingredients: pumpkin purée, peanut butter, milk and oats. 

5 /17: Cheese crisps

5/17 :Cheese crisps

Light and bite-size, cheese crisps will fast become you and your dog's favorite indulgence. 

6 /17: Coconut oil dog treats

6/17 :Coconut oil dog treats

Shredded coconut and coconut oil make these no-bake balls a tropical-tasting treat.

7 /17: Peanut butter Cheerios bites

7/17 :Peanut butter Cheerios bites

You probably have the five ingredients for these Cheerios bites in your pantry right now.

8 /17: 'Nice Cream'

8/17 :'Nice Cream'

Grab a spoon and chill out this summer with your BCF (best canine friend) over some "nice cream."

9 /17: Peanut butter sandwiches

9/17 :Peanut butter sandwiches

These macaron-esque peanut butter sandwiches are almost too pretty to feed to your pup.

10 /17: Puppuchino

10/17 :Puppuchino

Could anything be more adorable (and delicious?) than these healthy pumpkin puppucinos?

11 /17: Zucchini chews

11/17 :Zucchini chews

Bypass store-bought treats full of preservatives and make these yummy zucchini chews instead.

12 /17: PB & bacon dog doughnuts

12/17 :PB & bacon dog doughnuts

It's a doggy doughnut. With bacon. And peanut butter. Enough said? 

13 /17: Dog-friendly ice pops

13/17 :Dog-friendly ice pops

Help your pup beat the summer heat with an irresistibly meaty frozen treat

14 /17: 'Muddy Paws' blueberry treats

14/17 :'Muddy Paws' blueberry treats

These blueberry-laced treats are tasty, creative and im-paws-ibly cute. 

15 /17: Carrot, oat & applesauce treats

15/17 :Carrot, oat & applesauce treats

A healthy combo of carrot, oats and applesauce makes this dog treat a guilt-free indulgence.

16 /17: PB & coconut oil dog treats

16/17 :PB & coconut oil dog treats

Thanks to their peanut butter and coconut oil base, these treats are creamy and delicious.

17 /17: Watermelon pupsicles

17/17 :Watermelon pupsicles

Fresh frozen watermelon in doggy bone form? What dog wouldn't gobble these down?