Literally Just 21 Adorable Little Animals in Adorable Little Easter Outfits

by Julie Sprankles
Apr 13, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Peter Cottontail may be hopping down the bunny trail right this moment, but he's got some stiff competition waiting for him — these precious pets are all decked out and ready to ring in Easter in style. 

1 /22: Some bunny's ready for Easter

1/22 :Some bunny's ready for Easter

Eggs-tremely cute cocker spaniel alert! This golden girl makes one pretty bunny. 

2/22 :Tutu cute

When you've got an outfit this cute to usher in Easter, you kinda wish it were every day. 

3 /22: Seeing double

3/22 :Seeing double

Sorry, Easter Bunny! Sophie the puppy might have even more adorable ears than you do.

4 /22: Cavoodle in Easter camo

4/22 :Cavoodle in Easter camo

Part Cavalier King Charles, part poodle, part bunny... and wholly cute. 

5 /22: Those ears, tho

5/22 :Those ears, tho

A puppy with polka-dotted bunny ears? Yes, please! Can Easter be every day? 

6 /22: Bowtied and #Blessed

6/22 :Bowtied and #Blessed

This distinguished cat is clearly keeping an eager eye out for Easter shenanigans. 

7 /22: Nest for success

7/22 :Nest for success

This precious pooch is an egg-cellent example of why Easter puppy pics are pure bliss. 

8 /22: Hippity, hoppity and happy

8/22 :Hippity, hoppity and happy

Here's hoping everyone feels as happy on Easter day as Tyson the Frenchie looks here.

9 /22: Guineas make good bunnies

9/22 :Guineas make good bunnies

Who would've guessed a guinea pig could make a better Easter bunny than, well, a bunny? 

10 /22: Easter doodle do

10/22 :Easter doodle do

This adorable goldendoodle should consider moonlighting as the Easter Bunny. 

11 /22: Check meow-t

11/22 :Check meow-t

If a cat wearing a bunny bowtie is wrong, why would anyone ever want to be right? 

12 /22: Pretty as a picture

12/22 :Pretty as a picture

The bow, the basket, the bunny ears? This pup is perfectly prepared for the big day. 

13 /22: Four ears are better than two

13/22 :Four ears are better than two

Normally sprouting an extra set of ears would be creepy, but this Frenchie makes it fashionable.

14 /22: Snuggle bunny, er, cat

14/22 :Snuggle bunny, er, cat

Could this Easter cat be any more cuddly? 'Cause we can't handle it if it can. 

15 /22: A stroke of genius

15/22 :A stroke of genius

This spotted puppy turned into a pastel masterpiece just in time for Easter.

16 /22: Maine (coon) man

16/22 :Maine (coon) man

Bobby the Maine coon loves Easter, and Easter obviously loves Bobby right back.

17/22 :Think pink

Can this Shiba Inu make the rounds at my house this Easter? That would make me eggs-tatic.

18 /22: Tiny dancer

18/22 :Tiny dancer

Little things come in small packages, and this bunny-eared pooch is living proof. 

19 /22: Not eggs-actly eager

19/22 :Not eggs-actly eager

This cat may not be an eager ear-wearer, but it doesn't make it any less adorable.

20/22 :Dapper dog

This handsome boy is putting his best face forward this Easter in a bunny bowtie.

21 /22: Bunnies be like...

21/22 :Bunnies be like...

You can't very well have a list of cute Easter animals without a bona fide Easter Bunny, right?

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