21 Products You Need From Ellen DeGeneres' New Pet Line

by Beth Lindly
Apr 6, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Ah, Ellen DeGeneres. Is there anything this woman can't do? Successful talk show host, talented actor, Oscar host and the ultimate advocate of kindness and equality. She can't get much better, right? Wrong. Just when you thought Ellen DeGeneres couldn't get any more amazing, she went and impressed yet again by creating an über-chic line of pet products.

But buckle up folks, because it gets even better. The line of pet products — leashes, clothing and toys — mimics the line of products she created for humans. Yes, that's right. This means that you and your beloved pup can now wear matching outfits that are designed with the same sleek aesthetic that DeGeneres herself rocks.

The line is sold exclusively at PetSmart and features over 400 products. Luckily for you, we rounded up some of our favorites and put them in this handy little slideshow. So sit back, relax and check out the best and the cutest items from Ellen DeGeneres' new pet product line.

1 /21: Love dog leash

1/21 :Love dog leash

Walk your dog in style with this leash. (PetSmart, $15.99)

2 /21: Love soccer ball dog toy

2/21 :Love soccer ball dog toy

Kick this squishy soccer ball around with your furry friend. (PetSmart, $5.99)

3 /21: Play With Me Flattie dog toy

3/21 :Play With Me Flattie dog toy

Now they don't even have to ask for playtime. (PetSmart, $5.99)

4 /21: Happiness heart dog toy

4/21 :Happiness heart dog toy

Now your dog can own your heart and this one. (PetSmart, $6.99)

5 /21: Small dog palm bristle dog brush

5/21 :Small dog palm bristle dog brush

This brush will help keep your small dog's mane in check. (PetSmart, $12.99)

6 /21: Pocket Love dog tee

6/21 :Pocket Love dog tee

Keep your pet in fashion with this striped shirt. (PetSmart, $13.99)

7 /21: Love Rabbit dog ball

7/21 :Love Rabbit dog ball

With this ball, your pooch doesn't have to chase actual rabbits anymore. (PetSmart, $5.99)

8 /21: Fresh Scent Puppy Wipes

8/21 :Fresh Scent Puppy Wipes

These wipes will help clean your puppy and keep him smelling great. (PetSmart, $12.99)

9 /21: Fashion anchor dog toy

9/21 :Fashion anchor dog toy

This anchor will bring the ocean to your pup no matter how inland you are. (PetSmart, $12.99)

10 /21: Happiness placemat

10/21 :Happiness placemat

This mat is perfect for your pet's food and water bowls, (PetSmart, $12.99) 

11 /21: 2-pack Fetch of the Day bone dog toy

11/21 :2-pack Fetch of the Day bone dog toy

Your dog will have twice the fun with these toys. (PetSmart, $7.99)

12 /21: Dog toy bin

12/21 :Dog toy bin

Organize your dog's mess of toys and store them in this bin. (PetSmart, $12.99-$17.99)

13 /21: Love dog collar

13/21 :Love dog collar

Keep your pet in style at all times with this collar. (PetSmart, $9.99,)

14 /21: Dog nail clipper

14/21 :Dog nail clipper

These clippers will help your pooch's nails stay trim. (PetSmart, $22.99)

15 /21: Boat cuddler dog bed

15/21 :Boat cuddler dog bed

Perfect for your little sailor. (PetSmart, $39.99)

16 /21: 3-pack tennis ball dog toy

16/21 :3-pack tennis ball dog toy

A cute and fun twist on the classic tennis ball toy. (PetSmart, $4.99)

17 /21: Joy comfort dog harness

17/21 :Joy comfort dog harness

Keep a sturdy hold on your dog when you go out for walks. (PetSmart, $31.99)

18 /21: Ceramic treat jar

18/21 :Ceramic treat jar

Keep all your pup's favorite treats in this jar. (PetSmart, $14.99)

19 /21: Joy floral dog dress

19/21 :Joy floral dog dress

This adorable floral dress will brighten any dog's appearance. (PetSmart, $17.99)

20 /21: Bunny dog toy

20/21 :Bunny dog toy

This bunny is a perfect companion for your perfect companion. (PetSmart, $7.99)

21 /21: Rope knot ball dog toy

21/21 :Rope knot ball dog toy

This rope and ball combo will entertain your dog for hours. (PetSmart, $5.99)