11 Cat Projects You Can DIY With Materials You've Already Got

Oct 17, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Image: Getty Images/Katey Talamante/EyeEm

Do you have a bunch of clothes you've been meaning to donate forever, leftover fabric scraps, or old furniture that's been sitting in a spare room for, like... years? Finally put them to use and make your cat the happiest cat on the block. Old desk? Turn it into a kitty bed fit for a king.

Create a little oasis for your cat. These are our favorite DIY upcycle projects that your cat is going to love.

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1/12 :Cat tent

2 /12: Suitcase bed

2/12 :Suitcase bed

3 /12: Four-poster bed

3/12 :Four-poster bed

4/12 :Cat tree

5 /12: Rope scratch post

5/12 :Rope scratch post

6 /12: Litter box hideaway

6/12 :Litter box hideaway

7 /12: Hanging cat basket

7/12 :Hanging cat basket

8 /12: Cat teepee

8/12 :Cat teepee

9 /12: Cat crate

9/12 :Cat crate

10 /12: Cat scratcher

10/12 :Cat scratcher

11 /12: Cat tree

11/12 :Cat tree

12 /12: Pin it!

Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

12/12 :Pin it!