28 pet costumes we wish we could wear ourselves

by Jessica Hickam
Sep 28, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. ET

These inspired Halloween pet costumes will get you in the spooky spirit.

1 /28: AT-AT walkers

1/28 :AT-AT walkers

Take your dog's Star Wars style to a whole new level with this unique costume.

2 /28: Walrus pup

2/28 :Walrus pup

There's something about that smushy face that pairs perfectly with a fin.

3 /28: Doctor Who

3/28 :Doctor Who

This handmade Doctor Who getup makes my inner nerd sing.

4 /28: Aristocat

4/28 :Aristocat

I wish I had a cat just so I could recreate this costume.

5 /28: Dragon

5/28 :Dragon

I want this for my dog if only so I can dress up as Dany from Game of Thrones.

6 /28: Miss Piggy and Kermit

6/28 :Miss Piggy and Kermit

Just because Piggy and Kermit are on the outs doesn't mean this costume isn't perfection.

7 /28: Thorgi

7/28 :Thorgi

I have a cocker spaniel, so maybe he could be a Thor-cker? Either way, I want this outfit STAT.

8 /28: Bane

8/28 :Bane

I never thought Bane could be cute, but this costume makes it happen.

9/28 :Bumble bunny

The only bumble bee I want to snuggle. 

10 /28: Frankenweenie

10/28 :Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie should be the required costume for all light-colored Bull Terriers because this is amazing.

11 /28: Monster under the bed

11/28 :Monster under the bed

Now this is the type of monster I want to find under my bed, smile and all.

12 /28: Center of the universe

12/28 :Center of the universe

Not gonna lie. I love this costume so much I'm thinking about recreating it for myself.

13 /28: It's raining cats and dogs

13/28 :It's raining cats and dogs

I also thought it would be hilarious to tape Ken dolls to the umbrella and call it, "It's Raining Men."

14 /28: Indiana Jones

14/28 :Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark just got the best makeover I've ever seen.

15 /28: Cat sundae

15/28 :Cat sundae

This cat doesn't look so impressed with his outfit, but I am!

16 /28: Dog sled team

16/28 :Dog sled team

Granted, you'd need a long dog to pull this one off, but so worth it.

17 /28: Bride and groom

17/28 :Bride and groom

Nothing says "picture perfect" like puppy love. 

18/28 :Dinocat

This dinocat looks like he's on the hunt.

19 /28: Missing dog

19/28 :Missing dog

Puh-puh-puh-please never actually let this happen... but it makes for an awesome costume.

20 /28: Police officer

20/28 :Police officer

If this little guy wrote me a ticket, I would happily accept.

21 /28: Sherlock cat

21/28 :Sherlock cat

Let the investigation begin!

22/28 :Eeyore

I would dress my dog up in this adorable outfit even if it weren't Halloween.

23 /28: Pumpkin spice pup

23/28 :Pumpkin spice pup

This little pup looks just as amazing as the actual seasonal beverage.

24 /28: Steampunk cat

24/28 :Steampunk cat

Give your cat some edge this Halloween season with some steampunk style.

25 /28: Turkey

25/28 :Turkey

Just serve this little one on a platter and the ear scratches are on.

26 /28: Robin Hound

26/28 :Robin Hound

He would probably eat all his treats instead of giving them to the poor...

27/28 :Bark Wars

If you've got a pack to dress, this is the way to go this Halloween.

28 /28: 'Magic Mike' pup

28/28 :'Magic Mike' pup

Channing Tatum ain't got nothin' on these dolla dolla bills.