14 Gifts for Cat Lovers That Will Win You a High-Paw

by Jessica Hickam
Dec 4, 2017 at 7:13 p.m. ET

In the cat vs. dog debate, people on both sides are equally vehement. But one side is more likely to want their whole house to be covered in evidence of their affection, and that's cat lovers. If you're friends with one of these friendly zealots, you know it. If you'd like to show them you see their enthusiasm and appreciate it, getting a gift that celebrates their love of cats is the way to go.

We've rounded up several gifts any cat-obsessed friend will want (if they don't own them already.) From shelves and bedding for their beloved feline friend to jewelry, clothing and accessories to show off their proud cat-owner status, there's something here for everyone — except a dog person, of course. These gifts are so pleasant, the cat might even let you pet it the next time you visit.

A version of this article was originally published in November 2016.

1 /15: 'Insta Grammar Cats'

1/15 :'Insta Grammar Cats'

Insta Grammar Cats book, $17 at Urban Outfitters

2 /15: Cat pillow

2/15 :Cat pillow

Plum and bow cat pillow, $39 at Urban Outfitters

3 /15: Cat sweater

3/15 :Cat sweater

Cat-print sweatshirt, $13 at romwe.com

4 /15: Cat earrings

4/15 :Cat earrings

Cat earrings, $15 on amazon.com

5 /15: Cat necklace

5/15 :Cat necklace

Cat necklace, $23 at Amazon

6 /15: Cat scarf

6/15 :Cat scarf

Sojos cat scarf, $11 at Amazon

7 /15: Cat tieback

7/15 :Cat tieback

Cat tieback, $28 at Anthropologie

8 /15: 'Meow' stemless wine glass

8/15 :'Meow' stemless wine glass

"Meow" stemless wine glass, $16 at Urban Outfitters

9 /15: Cat cave

9/15 :Cat cave

Cat cave, $109 at AgnesFelt/Etsy

10 /15: Cat apron

10/15 :Cat apron

Cat apron, $28 at Anthropologie

11 /15: Cat knee-high socks

11/15 :Cat knee-high socks

Cat knee-high socks, $7 at Target

12 /15: Cat pin

12/15 :Cat pin

Floral cat pin, $11 at ilikeCATSshop/Etsy

13 /15: Cat planter

13/15 :Cat planter

Ceramic chubby cat planter, $31 at Barruntando/Etsy

14/15 :Cat shelf

Corner cat shelf, $49 at MountainPetProducts/Etsy

15 /15: Origami cat necklace

15/15 :Origami cat necklace

Origami cat necklace, $28 at JamberJewels/Etsy