21 watercolor animal tattoos even your parents would approve of

by Ally Hirschlag
Jun 29, 2016 at 12:51 p.m. ET

If you love animals and are looking for tattoo inspiration for the spring, you've come to the right place. My day was made when I stumbled upon this awesome tattoo designer named Sasha, who creates gorgeous, adorable yet modern tattoos of all your favorite fluffy friends. And the best part about them is most of them are temporary, so you can switch them up whenever your heart desires. You can find a large variety on her website. They're so cool and versatile, both kids and adults will love them.

This one is a beautiful fox/flower combo that's done in Sasha's signature geometic style.

1/21 :Dino

We love this dinosaur for girls or boys, because it's hardcore. 

2/21 :Unicorn

You're never too old to have a unicorn tattoo, I always say. 

3/21 :Greyhound

Sasha paints most of her designs by hand, which is why they all look so unique.

4/21 :Narwhal

I still don't quite believe narwhals are real and not made-up creatures from Narnia.  

5/21 :Arm fox

Here's a full-body fox that's beautiful, and I need more foxes in my life.

6 /21: Fish and flowers

6/21 :Fish and flowers

That fish really looks like it's swimming through those delicate flowers!

7/21 :Horse

Who doesn't want a purple-and-blue horse galloping across their thigh? 

8/21 :Cardinal

When I first saw these tattoos, I could not believe they weren't real. That's definitely a credit to Sasha's artistry.

9/21 :Lion

Here is a blue-period lion for your more somber days.

10 /21: Bunny and bunny

10/21 :Bunny and bunny

What better way is there to accent a bunny tattoo than put the cutest bunny ever next to it? 

11/21 :Finch

This finch on a holly sprig is part of Sasha's Christmas collection.

12/21 :Reindeer

As is this adorable baby reindeer.

13 /21: Sherlock Holmes cat

13/21 :Sherlock Holmes cat

Excuse me while I order 10 of these Sherlock Holmes cats for everyone I know. 

14/21 :Owl

OK, so this owl looks a little mad, but at least he'll probably scare unwanted visitors away...

15/21 :Phoenix

I can't think of a more perfect tattoo to go with this girl's bright orange hair.

16/21 :Bear

This rainbow bear looks so three-dimensional I feel like he's coming right at me!

17 /21: Puppy on the moon

17/21 :Puppy on the moon

This puppy wishing on a star is so cute I might puke.

18/21 :Swallows

These rainbow swallows are such a colorful way to welcome back the summer months.

19/21 :Koala

If you're an Aussie at heart, this koala tattoo is for you. 

20 /21: Rainbow monkey

20/21 :Rainbow monkey

And finally a rainbow monkey, because when all else fails, he's sure to cheer you up.

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Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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