Easter is Coming, and so Are the Adorable Bunny Photos

by Danielle Sposato
Mar 21, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Easter really is the cutest holiday. Between the sweet pastel Sunday dresses and the chicks and ducks born in spring, adorableness abounds.

And let's not forget the Easter Bunny! Here are photos of bunnies to really get you amped up for the holiday — but just remember, bunnies are a huge commitment if you're thinking about getting one as a pet. Shelters are often overwhelmed with rabbits and chicks that get abandoned after Easter.

Enough with the serious... on with the cuteness!

Originally published March 2016. Updated March 2017.

1 /10: Traditionally cute

1/10 :Traditionally cute

This bunny could definitely be cast in an Easter version of Vogue, don't you agree?

2 /10: Peek-a-boo

2/10 :Peek-a-boo

You can't hide behind that Easter basket. We see you, you adorable, furry bunny. 

3 /10: White furball

3/10 :White furball

This little white ball of fur is the cutest thing on this planet.

4 /10: Black bunny is the cutest bunny

4/10 :Black bunny is the cutest bunny

You have to admit, this could be a great headshot for a Cadbury Egg commercial, right?

5 /10: Tiny egg-bunny?

5/10 :Tiny egg-bunny?

What every child dreams of waking up to on Easter morning. 

6/10 :Blue steel

This is the Derek Zoolander of the bunny world. 

7 /10: Happy Easter!

7/10 :Happy Easter!

No caption needed. How precious are they?

8 /10: The bunny and the duck

8/10 :The bunny and the duck

This bunny and duck make a great pair.

9/10 :Fancy friends

Looking paw-fully dapper with those bow ties, gentlemen. 

10 /10: Easter bunny gang

10/10 :Easter bunny gang

What more can you ask for? All of these bunnies surrounding this basket just screams Easter, and it's just plain adorable.