14 Beautiful Dogs With Different-Colored Eyes

by Whitney Coy
Aug 4, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

OK, if you can look this adorable Corgi puppy without squealing at the cuteness, you might not be human. And if you can get past the fluffy little face, you'll notice that the little guy has two different-colored eyes. When we come across dogs with different-colored eyes in real life, it usually stops us dead in our tracks because they are always so striking. 

The technical term for two different color eyes is heterochromia, and it can occur in humans too (Kate Bosworth and Mila Kunis were blessed with two gorgeous different-colored eyes). The term can refer to dogs with multiple colors in one eye or two eyes of very different colors. The condition is generally harmless and doesn't result in any loss of vision.

Heterochromia is often thought to be genetic, but can also be the result of injury. Though it can occur in any breed (as evidenced by the corgi), it's most common in great Danes, huskies, Dalmatians and malamutes. 

Check out some more of these gorgeous pups with stunning eyes. 

Originally published March 2016. Updated August 2017.

1/13 :Huskies

Huskies are the only breed that aren't disqualified from dog shows for having heterochromia.

2/13 :Pit bull

It's hard to take our own eyes off of this Pit Bull with those dreamy eyes. 

3 /13: Mixed breed

3/13 :Mixed breed

This girl is an adorable mixed-breed dog whose eyes really pop against her red-and-white coat. 

4 /13: Extreme differences

4/13 :Extreme differences

With one ice-blue eye and the other so dark it's almost black, this dog's eyes couldn't be more different. 

5 /13: Australian shepherd

5/13 :Australian shepherd

Just pure beauty.

6/13 :Malamute

This tiny malamute could not possibly be any cuter. 

7 /13: Dalmatian

7/13 :Dalmatian

This Dalmatian's one black eye looks a bit like one of his spots. 

8/13 :Hey there

We see you, handsome.

9 /13: French bulldog

9/13 :French bulldog

French Bulldogs aren't known for heterochromia, but it's still entirely possible. 

10 /13: Husky mix

10/13 :Husky mix

This dog is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Husky. It's easy to tell which side each eye comes from. 

11 /13: Border collie

11/13 :Border collie

Smart and beautiful? This Border Collie is perfection.

12 /13: Hard stare

12/13 :Hard stare

Who will look away first, you or him?

13 /13: Beautiful gaze

13/13 :Beautiful gaze

We're not sure what he's staring at, but we can't stop looking at him.