29 Horses having the best winter ever

by Michelle Carlbert
Jan 25, 2016 at 1:20 p.m. ET

This horse just had to know what all that white stuff tasted like. 

1 /28: Yippee

1/28 :Yippee

Chilly winter temps won't stop this frisky horse from saying "Yippee!" for winter. 

2 /28: Winter hat

2/28 :Winter hat

Snowy weather is just an excuse for this Arabian beauty to sport a chic winter hat.  

3 /28: Kids and puppies

3/28 :Kids and puppies

This horse is loving hanging out with its human and puppy friends. 

4 /28: Kicking up heels

4/28 :Kicking up heels

Fresh snow is a great reason to kick up your heels. 

5 /28: Big boys

5/28 :Big boys

These big fellas are blasting through the white stuff like it's nothing at all. 

6 /28: Bucking

6/28 :Bucking

This horse is positively giddy to be romping around in the snow.

7 /28: Pony hugs

7/28 :Pony hugs

Hugs can warm up the chilliest of nights. 

8 /28: Fuzzy

8/28 :Fuzzy

I bet this super-fuzzy pony is loving its winter coat right about now. 

9 /28: Mother and baby

9/28 :Mother and baby

This mamma is showing her new foal what this cold white stuff is all about. 

10 /28: Roll in the snow

10/28 :Roll in the snow

A quick roll in the snow can be so refreshing. 

11 /28: Kisses and snuggles

11/28 :Kisses and snuggles

Sometimes kisses and a snuggly blanket are all you need to beat the winter blues. 

12 /28: Grin

12/28 :Grin

That smile says it all. This horse obviously loves winter. 

13 /28: Warm stall

13/28 :Warm stall

Not every horse wants to get out and roll around in the snow. Some like to take in winter's beauty from the comfort of their own stall. 

14 /28: Black pony

14/28 :Black pony

Frigid temps are nothing to worry about when you've got a coat like this. 

15 /28: Herd

15/28 :Herd

These horses are enjoying a peaceful and relaxing winter day. 

16 /28: Excitement

16/28 :Excitement

This horse looks way more excited to be jumping in the snow than its rider.

17 /28: Horse and rider

17/28 :Horse and rider

A brisk gallop through the snow is a great way to start your day. 

18 /28: Lunging

18/28 :Lunging

This horse thinks lunging in the snow is the best winter sport ever.

19 /28: Group ride

19/28 :Group ride

Winter excursions are always better with friends. 

20 /28: Mini horse

20/28 :Mini horse

This little mini horse is chilling with its buddies. 

21 /28: Youngsters

21/28 :Youngsters

Two pretty Pintos reveling in winter's beauty. 

22 /28: Silly face

22/28 :Silly face

This horse's silly face actually means, "I love winter!"

23 /28: White duo

23/28 :White duo

These ravishing white beauties blend seamlessly into the dazzling winter landscape. 

24 /28: Horses and people

24/28 :Horses and people

These horses are having a blast making a horse-human chain. 

25 /28: Disappear

25/28 :Disappear

Evan a winter whiteout can't keep these horses indoors. 

26 /28: Snowy trail ride

26/28 :Snowy trail ride

A trail ride through a quiet, snow-covered forest can be relaxing.

27 /28: Royalty

27/28 :Royalty

This regal duo seems to be enjoying a casual stroll through an enchanted forest. 

28 /28: White horse

28/28 :White horse

This energetic white horse is hard to spot in the frosty winter wonderland.