23 Signs you might be a crazy horse lady

by Michelle Carlbert
Feb 2, 2016 at 2:10 p.m. ET

Your love of horses started at a very early age. 

1 /22: Eyes

1/22 :Eyes

You're willing to pay for glamour shots with your horse.

2 /22: Never enough

2/22 :Never enough

No matter how many horses you have, you always want "just one more."

3 /22: Birthday party

3/22 :Birthday party

You throw your horse the best birthday parties. 

4 /22: Who needs a boyfriend?

4/22 :Who needs a boyfriend?

The only love you need is from your horse. 

5 /22: At the barn

5/22 :At the barn

You'd rather hang out at the barn than anywhere else in the world.

6 /22: Little one

6/22 :Little one

While your friends are posting baby pics, you're busy posting foal pics. 

7 /22: Mucking out

7/22 :Mucking out

You even try to make mucking look cute. 

8 /22: Scenery

8/22 :Scenery

This is your idea of a beautiful view.

9 /22: Horse show

9/22 :Horse show

A weekend without a horse show isn't much of a weekend at all.

10 /22: The next generation

10/22 :The next generation

You're already working hard to turn your own children into horse lovers. 

11 /22: Dressage

11/22 :Dressage

You'll only tailgate a sporting event if it involves horses.

12 /22: Decor

12/22 :Decor

Even your home decor is horse-themed. 

13 /22: Horse garage

13/22 :Horse garage

Horses have invaded every part of your home. 

14 /22: Nap time

14/22 :Nap time

You refuse to wake your horse up from its nap, even when it's time to ride. 

15 /22: Pink

15/22 :Pink

When you ride, everything must match your chosen stable colors. 

16 /22: Present

16/22 :Present

A horse is the best present you've ever gotten (or given to yourself). 

17 /22: Boots

17/22 :Boots

You have an impressive collection of riding boots... and none of them are fashion knock-offs. 

18 /22: Saddles

18/22 :Saddles

Your saddle collection is outgrowing your tack room. 

19 /22: Trailer

19/22 :Trailer

Your horse trailer is bigger than your house. 

20 /22: Vacation

20/22 :Vacation

You would never dream of going on vacation without your horse. 

21 /22: Hugs

21/22 :Hugs

You feel certain there is no better hug than a hug from your horse. 

22 /22: Understanding

22/22 :Understanding

You swear your horse can talk to you, and you understand everything it says.