50 Cat Quotes That Only Feline Lovers Would Understand

by Whitney Coy
Sep 12, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

People? Meh. We could take 'em or leave 'em. But if you try to separate us from our beloved kitties, you're cruising for a bruising.

OK, OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration — there are a handful of people in our lives we could never live without (hi, grandma!), but it's also true that our tried-and-true BFFs are our cats. Sure, they can be sassy, standoffish, bratty, territorial and a little stinky, but isn't that true for us all? Cats are unapologetic and own it — which is probably why we love them so dang much. Let's not forget the fact that they make amazing rainy-day cuddle buddies. Plus, they're cute as hell to boot. 

There's nothing like the relationship you have with your cat, and these quotes sum it up perfectly.

Originally published July 2015. Updated September 2017.

1/51 :Coming home

2/51 :Sleeping cat

3/51 :Nine lifetimes

4/51 :Cat's house

5/51 :Even the dog

6/51 :Improve the man

7/51 :Character

8/51 :Simultaneously

10/51 :Doghouse

11/51 :One cat

12/51 :The right one

14/51 :Admired

16/51 :Refuge

17/51 :Breakfast

22/51 :Welcome

23/51 :Friendship

25/51 :Stubborn

26/51 :Masterpiece

27/51 :Threats

28/51 :Worthy

29/51 :Amusing

31/51 :Best friend

32/51 :Collectors

33/51 :Qualities

34/51 :Pleases

36/51 :Kittens

37/51 :Alone

38/51 :Nobody

39/51 :Leaving

40/51 :Angels

41/51 :Biggest hearts

42/51 :Won over

43/51 :Purring

44/51 :Inconvenience

46/51 :Comfort

47/51 :Confidence

48/51 :What it wants

51/51 :Cat quotes