13 Adorable Kitten GIFs That Will Make You Never Want to Leave the Internet

by Lili Safon
May 9, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. ET

You might think you're ready to quit the internet, but you're not. Because... kitten GIFs.


1 /13: Shy kitten

1/13 :Shy kitten

Apparently, all a kitten needs to do is blink to get my attention.


2 /13: Kitten scratch

2/13 :Kitten scratch

I don't know what I want more — to be the kitten getting scratched or the one scratching the kitten.


3 /13: Kitten toilet paper

3/13 :Kitten toilet paper

That moment when you want to be annoyed, but the cuteness is just too powerful.


4 /13: Smothering groomer

4/13 :Smothering groomer

I kinda want to save the one being licked.

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5 /13: Captivated kitties

5/13 :Captivated kitties

I don't know what they're looking at, but I'm just as fascinated.


6 /13: Peek-a-boo

6/13 :Peek-a-boo

No, I didn't gasp — honest!


7 /13: Feline gravity

7/13 :Feline gravity

Am I the only one wondering what those two kittens are looking at in the background?


8 /13: Kitten sniffle

8/13 :Kitten sniffle

So, did this kitten just create kitty cat eyes? Because I think puppy dog eyes are out.


9 /13: Grooming distraction

9/13 :Grooming distraction

My favorite is the kitten in the background that takes advantage of the opportunity for a sneak attack.

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10 /13: Snuggly rub

10/13 :Snuggly rub

This might seriously be the cutest thing I've ever seen.


11 /13: Impossible dreams

11/13 :Impossible dreams

Either that kitten's really tired, or it's the most patient cat ever.


12 /13: Bath time

12/13 :Bath time

The one in the middle just looks confused.


13 /13: Ultimate adorableness

13/13 :Ultimate adorableness

Yeah... I'm not giving up screens anytime soon.