17 Sleepy Kittens That Need a Nap As Badly As You Do

by Whitney Coy
May 8, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Kittens are cute, but sleepy kittens are the most adorable things in the entire world.


1 /16: Sleepy kitten in a hand

1/16 :Sleepy kitten in a hand

This little guy is proof that kittens can fall asleep anywhere. 


2 /16: Sleepy orange kitten

2/16 :Sleepy orange kitten

Those eyes are going, going... gone.


3 /16: Sleepy kitten outside

3/16 :Sleepy kitten outside

So comfy...


4 /16: Kitten getting rubs

4/16 :Kitten getting rubs

Keep rubbing that spot right there. 


5 /16: Yawning kitten

5/16 :Yawning kitten

We dare you to look at this and not yawn yourself. 


6 /16: Kitten sleeping outside

6/16 :Kitten sleeping outside

Soft grass, warm sun — who could resist?


7 /16: Kitten on a bed

7/16 :Kitten on a bed

Your bed is the best. 


8 /16: Kitten yawning on grass

8/16 :Kitten yawning on grass

It's been such a long day!


9 /16: Two sleepy kittens

9/16 :Two sleepy kittens

Tired? No way! We're not even lying down. 


10 /16: Kitten on a bench

10/16 :Kitten on a bench

You didn't want to use this bench, did you?


11 /16: Kitten under a desk

11/16 :Kitten under a desk

This kitten sees something interesting, but the investigation will have to wait until after nap time. 

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12 /16: Sleepy kitten stretches

12/16 :Sleepy kitten stretches

Maybe a good stretch will wake me up. Nope.


13 /16: Kitten on a lap

13/16 :Kitten on a lap

You're not getting up anytime soon, right?


14 /16: Kitten on the couch

14/16 :Kitten on the couch

I've found the best spot in the whole house. 


15 /16: Kitten with a blanket

15/16 :Kitten with a blanket

This blanket is my blanket now. 

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