Miniature pinscher

by SheKnows
Jan 28, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. ET
An adult Mini Pinscher.

1 /9: Mini Pinscher

1/9 :Mini Pinscher

A Mini Pinscher puppy.

2/9 :Mini Pinscher

The side profile of a Mini Pinscher.

3/9 :Mini Pinscher

A Mini Pinscher loves his toys.

4 /9: Mini Pinscher

4/9 :Mini Pinscher

The Mini Pinscher enjoys having his own space to run and play.

5/9 :Mini Pinscher

The Mini Pinscher is likely to bite or attack people that he does not know, but has a lot of affection for his family.

6 /9: Mini Pinscher

6/9 :Mini Pinscher

Mini Pinscher's are quick and strong.

7 /9: Mini Pinscher

7/9 :Mini Pinscher

Mini Pinscher's should have a fence to keep him from running away.

8 /9: Mini Pinscher

8/9 :Mini Pinscher

Mini Pinscher's are lovingly referred to as Mini Pin's.

9 /9: Mini Pinscher

9/9 :Mini Pinscher

Not getting along well with cat's, the Mini Pin enjoys other breed's company.