Meet the Mastiff

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
The profile of an adult Mastiff.

1 /9: Mastiff

1/9 :Mastiff

With a large dog comes large responsibility, the Mastiff leaves a big trail to clean up after.

2 /9: Mastiff

2/9 :Mastiff

Even as adorable puppies, Mastiffs may be too large and rough for young children.

3/9 :Mastiff

A friendly breed, the Mastiff gets along well with dogs and cats.

4 /9: Mastiff

4/9 :Mastiff

Even though he is a larger breed, the Mastiff can adjust accordingly to apartment life.

5/9 :Mastiff

Don't let his rough exterior fool you, Mastiffs love affection and cuddles!

6 /9: Mastiff

6/9 :Mastiff

Mastiffs are not only kind, but also very loyal to their human counterparts.

7 /9: Mastiff

7/9 :Mastiff

Only a moderately athletic breed, the Mastiff will enjoy a daily walk with his master.

8 /9: Mastiff

8/9 :Mastiff

With an easy-going personality, it's easy to accommodate living with this big guy.

9 /9: Mastiff

9/9 :Mastiff

Bred to protect, the Mastiff will keep you out of harms way.