Meet the Maltese

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
The profile of an adult Maltese.

1/9 :Maltese

The Maltese is one of the oldest living European breeds.

2/9 :Maltese

Known for their round puppy eyes and button nose, the Maltese is hard to resist.

3 /9: Maltese

3/9 :Maltese

Due to their silky and straight long hair, the Maltese needs regular grooming sessions.

4 /9: Maltese

4/9 :Maltese

Because of their tiny size, Maltese pups are best supervised around smaller children.

5 /9: Maltese

5/9 :Maltese

With an inactive lifestyle, the Maltese would do well with apartment life.

6 /9: Maltese

6/9 :Maltese

This smart pup may be tiny in size, but she'll protect and serve her master with pride.

7/9 :Maltese

A friendly breed, the Maltese gets along well with humans, dogs, cats, and nearly everything under the sun.

8 /9: Maltese

8/9 :Maltese

A smart breed, the Maltese enjoys learning new tricks and showing them off. She will be happiest when intellectually stimulated.

9 /9: Maltese

9/9 :Maltese

The Maltese is an amazing companion to anyone who loves to give and receive affection!