Meet the Great Dane

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
The profile of an adult Great Dane.

1 /9: Great Dane

1/9 :Great Dane

A natural lover, the Great Dane gets along wonderfully with kids.

2 /9: Great Dane

2/9 :Great Dane

With a short coat, the Great Dane is easy to groom.

3 /9: Great Dane

3/9 :Great Dane

The big guy of the family, the Great Dane is sure to protect it as the primary watchdog.

4 /9: Great Dane

4/9 :Great Dane

Referred to as the world's largest lap dog, Great Dane's adore affection and forget how large they really are.

5 /9: Great Dane

5/9 :Great Dane

A couch potato, the Great Dane enjoys a good snooze.

6 /9: Great Dane

6/9 :Great Dane

Although he would do okay with apartment life, the Great Dane is ideally best with larger space to stretch out in.

7 /9: Great Dane

7/9 :Great Dane

As the Great Dane is prone to bloat, he'll need moderate exercise to keep in tip top health.

8 /9: Great Dane

8/9 :Great Dane

A lug full of love, Great Dane owner's are happy to have this gentle giant in the family.

9 /9: Great Dane

9/9 :Great Dane

The profile of an adult Great Dane.