Meet the Collie breed

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
The profile of an adult Collie.

1 /9: Collie

1/9 :Collie

Great with kids, the Collie fits in well with family life.

2 /9: Collie

2/9 :Collie

Collie's have a will to run and work, so he is suited best with an active family.

3 /9: Collie

3/9 :Collie

Since he enjoys running and playing, the Collie is best suited with a large yard rather than apartment life.

4 /9: Collie

4/9 :Collie

The Collie enjoys staying busy, so ensure to provide him with much mental and physical stimulation.

5/9 :Collie

A great guard dog, the Collie is very protective of his animal and human herd.

6 /9: Collie

6/9 :Collie

A very intelligent breed, the Collie loves to learn new tricks.

7 /9: Collie

7/9 :Collie

An easy-going breed, the Collie is easy to get along with.

8 /9: Collie

8/9 :Collie

Getting along with canines, cats, and humans, the Collie is a friendly pup.

9 /9: Collie

9/9 :Collie

Happy in any climate, the Collie is a great companion and pet to add to your family.