Meet the breed Dachshund

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
The profile of an adult Dachshund.

1 /9: Dachshund

1/9 :Dachshund

A louder breed, the Dachshund is prone to barking when he believes to be guarding his territory.

2 /9: Dachshund

2/9 :Dachshund

A bit snappy and high tempered, the Dachshund is not recommended for young children.

3 /9: Dachshund

3/9 :Dachshund

Low maintenance indoors, the Dachshund does well with apartment living.

4 /9: Dachshund

4/9 :Dachshund

Bred to hunt and burrow, the Dachshund enjoys digging holes.

5 /9: Dachshund

5/9 :Dachshund

Beginning his stubborn temper as a puppy, you'll want to start potty training this guy young.

6 /9: Dachshund

6/9 :Dachshund

The Dachshund will do okay with cats, although they may never become the best of friends.

7 /9: Dachshund

7/9 :Dachshund

Due to a shorter and smooth coat, the Dachshund doesn't require too much grooming.

8 /9: Dachshund

8/9 :Dachshund

The Dachshund is happiest when he has the ability to roam and sniff the turf.

9/9 :Dachshund

Given moderate exercise, play, and plenty of affection, the Dachshund will remain satisfied.