Meet the breed Rottweiler

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Full body description of adult Rottweiler.

1 /9: Rottweiler

1/9 :Rottweiler

A strong adult Rottweiler takes rest in a field.

2 /9: Rottweiler

2/9 :Rottweiler

An adult Rottweiler enjoys the company of a puppy companion.

3 /9: Rottweiler

3/9 :Rottweiler

An adult Rottweiler smiles to show his affection at his owner.

4/9 :Rottweiler

Six adult Rottweiler's are ready for some fun and play.

5/9 :Rottweiler

A happy and content adult Rottweiler.

6/9 :Rottweiler

An adorable Rottweiler puppy wants to play!

7/9 :Rottweiler

This pair of Rottweiler puppies have nothing but love.

8 /9: Rottweiler

8/9 :Rottweiler

An adult Rottweiler awaits his next comand.

9 /9: Rottweiler

9/9 :Rottweiler

This adult Rottweiler is ready to protect and serve his owner.