Meet the Samoyed, the dog breed that looks just like a polar bear

by SheKnows
Jan 9, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

In case you haven't noticed, Samoyeds kind of resemble dog-like polar bears, basically making them one of the most adorable dog breeds on  the planet.

Samoyeds were originally bred to hunt, pull sleds and wrangle reindeer in the winter, but they are so gentle, adaptable and friendly that they make an amazing family pet — if you have enough room and time to give them ample exercise. 

Here's a little to know about the Samoyed.

Originally published October 2013. Updated January 2017.

1 /9: The strong and silent type

1/9 :The strong and silent type

The name of the breed comes from the Samoyedic people of Siberia, nomadic reindeer herders who bred the pups for herding and sled-pulling.

2/9 :Winter is coming

With a fuzzy coat like that, this breed is considered great for cold weather — and doesn't tolerate hot weather well.

3/9 :Cute as a button

Samoyeds are considered an incredibly friendly breed — with little aggression toward strangers and lots of love for children.

4 /9: Smart, loyal and kind

4/9 :Smart, loyal and kind

These beautiful pooches are one of the more intelligent breeds — they also love human companionship and hate being left alone.

5 /9: Grooming 101

5/9 :Grooming 101

You can probably guess it by looking at them, but Samoyeds have a tendency to shed. A lot.

6 /9: Rambunctious and ready to go

6/9 :Rambunctious and ready to go

Even as puppies, Samoyeds are rated as an energetic breed — perfect for exercisers or those with an active lifestyle.

7 /9: A size that's 'just right'

7/9 :A size that's 'just right'

Samoyeds have medium energy levels and a medium size, according to the AKC.

8 /9: A lover, not a fighter

8/9 :A lover, not a fighter

There are few drawbacks to this gentle and noble breed, though Samoyeds can be stubborn and destructive when left alone.

9 /9: Love for a lifetime

9/9 :Love for a lifetime

As working dogs, Samoyeds are generally in good health and may live as your furry sidekick for up to 14 years.