Meet the Bloodhound breed

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
A Bloodhound shakes off after a dip in the pond.

1 /9: Bloodhound

1/9 :Bloodhound

Bloodhound's are known for their deep howling skills.

2 /9: Bloodhound

2/9 :Bloodhound

A very wrinkly and adorable Bloodhound takes a snooze.

3 /9: Bloodhound

3/9 :Bloodhound

A handsome Bloodhound poses in the driveway.

4 /9: Bloodhound

4/9 :Bloodhound

This Bloodhound is American and proud of it!

5/9 :Bloodhound

How can this Bloodhound see through all of those cute wrinkles?

6/9 :Bloodhound

A Bloodhound puppy and his beloved ball.

7/9 :Bloodhound

A Bloodhound shows his puppy loving smile.

8/9 :Bloodhound

Take a deep look into these big green Bloodhound eyes!

9/9 :Bloodhound

We know he's melted your heart, but this little Bloodhound scratching his ear is too cute for words!