Meet the Borzoi breed

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
5 Borzoi's pose handsomely for a photo.

1 /9: Borzoi

1/9 :Borzoi

A Borzoi happily rolls through the grass.

2 /9: Borzoi

2/9 :Borzoi

Three Borzoi pups enjoy their view while on a morning walk.

3 /9: Borzoi

3/9 :Borzoi

This Borzoi couldn't be any happier as he runs through a field.

4 /9: Borzoi

4/9 :Borzoi

A Borzoi sits pretty on the edge of a cliff after a hike.

5 /9: Borzoi

5/9 :Borzoi

This Borzoi thinks that he can keep up with a large horse.

6 /9: Borzoi

6/9 :Borzoi

A Borzoi puppy poses coily for his owner.

7/9 :Borzoi

A beautiful Borzoi relaxes on the cool concrete during a summer day.

8 /9: Borzoi

8/9 :Borzoi

A Whippet and Borzoi play nicely in the yard.

9/9 :Borzoi

This handsome Borzoi shows off his running skills.