Meet the Greyhound

by SheKnows
Oct 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET
A Greyhound enjoys a training session.

1 /9: Greyhound

1/9 :Greyhound

This Greyhound is exercising his athleticism with a run through the river.

2 /9: Greyhound

2/9 :Greyhound

A handsome Greyhound happily takes a breather in the grass.

3 /9: Greyhound

3/9 :Greyhound

A pretty Greyhound poses in front of an old shed for a timeless photo.

4 /9: Greyhound

4/9 :Greyhound

This Greyhound may not be chewing on her toy, but it doesn't mean she doesn't have plans for it!

5 /9: Greyhound

5/9 :Greyhound

A hyper Greyhound takes a minute to enjoy the yellow flowers.

6 /9: Greyhound

6/9 :Greyhound

A bit of a cowboy, this Greyhound is ready for a snooze after a busy and fun-filled day.

7 /9: Greyhound

7/9 :Greyhound

A cute Greyhound puppy begs for some lovin'.

8 /9: Greyhound

8/9 :Greyhound

This Greyhound is loving his surf, sand, and sun on the beach.

9 /9: Greyhound

9/9 :Greyhound

How can you possibly resist the big blue eyes of this teeny, tiny Greyhound pup.