Animal Behaviors

by SheKnows
Mar 27, 2013 at 7:32 p.m. ET
Domino another one of, is definitely not scratching furniture in this photo, but if she was it would only be a natural gesture. Cats scratch not only because they are genetically designed to, but also because it feels good on their claws.

1 /9: Rubbing Against Furniture

1/9 :Rubbing Against Furniture

Sparkle from is rubbing against this chair to share her sent and making herself feel good in the process.

2 /9: Peeping Toms

2/9 :Peeping Toms

One of's kitties is checking in on his owner. Dylan is just being curious, as he ought to be, he loves his owner and wants to see what she's up to!

3/9 :Ears's Harley is playing with his owner, but may be a bit irritated that he's not winning! Kitty ears that are folded in a similar fashion as Harley's usually mean that they are feeling some irritability.

4 /9: Tail Movements

4/9 :Tail Movements

Feeling playful, Dante from is waving his tail back and forth. He is loving playing in the fresh snow!

5 /9: Leash Pulling

5/9 :Leash Pulling

While Calais from is not leash pulling, he ceratinly looks adorable on his leash! Take your cat on a walk, as he too may enjoy some sunshine and exercise.

6 /9: Marking Territory

6/9 :Marking Territory

Shadow from is prancing around while on a walk with his owner. If this is a new landscape for Shadow, he may mark to feel more comfortable in his surroundings.

7/9 :Drooling

Leroy from is Newfoundland, a bread known for excessive drooling. If you're pooch is drooling more than normal he may be experiencing stress.

8 /9: Smiling

8/9 :Smiling's leading lady Schatzie is smiling from a pat down. If you're dog is smiling, it's probably in reaction to something you're doing; keep it up!

9 /9: Sleeping Habits

9/9 :Sleeping Habits

Moses from is taking a nap from his busy adventures with his owner! Knowing that she is near by, he is more likely to take a snooze but will ensure to still be alert in case he needs to protect her.