Cute cats

by SheKnows
Oct 25, 2010 at 1:35 p.m. ET
Funny, cute cat all dressed up for a party

1 /14: Cat with feather boa

1/14 :Cat with feather boa

Pretty cat with a pink feather boa.

2 /14: Jumping kitty

2/14 :Jumping kitty

Tabby cats can jump!

3 /14: Kitty head of the house

3/14 :Kitty head of the house

Who's in charge here?!

4 /14: Cat smile

4/14 :Cat smile

Smiling kitty

5 /14: Kitty portrait

5/14 :Kitty portrait

A black and white cat portrait

6 /14: Sweet kitty friends

6/14 :Sweet kitty friends

Cats get cuddly

7 /14: Fluffy grey cat

7/14 :Fluffy grey cat

One grey cat gets comfortable outside

8 /14: Happy cat

8/14 :Happy cat

This cat looks like he's smiling!

9 /14: Is it Morris the Cat?

9/14 :Is it Morris the Cat?

Here's a Morris the Cat lookalike

10 /14: It's fun to be a cat

10/14 :It's fun to be a cat

Cats can lead very good lives.

11 /14: Little patches

11/14 :Little patches

One very adorable kitten

12 /14: King of the Post

12/14 :King of the Post

Here's one cat who feels like he's on top of the world! Or, at least, on top of the scratching post...

13 /14: Peek-a-boo kitty

13/14 :Peek-a-boo kitty

Can you see where the cat is hiding?

14 /14: Boo kitty

14/14 :Boo kitty

Halloween cat