Silly dogs

by SheKnows
Oct 4, 2010 at 1:22 p.m. ET
They'll let you play dress-up!

1 /11: Dog looking through a fence

1/11 :Dog looking through a fence

This cute little dog stands on his hind legs to peek through a fence

2 /11: This dog loves to drink

2/11 :This dog loves to drink

This cute little dachshund knows how to drink from a straw to get the drink he wants!

3 /11: Dogs in a bathtub

3/11 :Dogs in a bathtub

Three silly dogs take a bath

4 /11: Doggie Claus

4/11 :Doggie Claus

This patient little pup wears a Santa costume

5 /11: Dog in a carseat

5/11 :Dog in a carseat

A sleepy little dog is buckled into his carseat

6 /11: Nice and warm dog

6/11 :Nice and warm dog

Here's a pup that knows how to bundle up in the cooler weather!

7 /11: Here's looking at you

7/11 :Here's looking at you

This little guy is wearing glasses, and clearly takes things very seriously. ;-)

8 /11: Butters is ready for his close-up!

8/11 :Butters is ready for his close-up!

Here's a puppy with stars in -- and on! -- his eyes.

9 /11: Chihuahua with ice cream

9/11 :Chihuahua with ice cream

This little Chihuahua doesn't want Taco Bell - he's interested in the ice cream sundae!

10 /11: Hula dog

10/11 :Hula dog

This dog named Cheyenne is all ready for summertime!

11 /11: Christmas elf dog

11/11 :Christmas elf dog

Here's a big dog all decked out for Christmastime!