8 Spectacular aquariums that aren’t custom

Jun 11, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. ET

Your little fishy has his own special personality — give him the digs to match. We found eight of the most unique aquariums to add just as much pizzazz to your home as it does to your water-faring friend's life.

Two fish bowls sitting side by side

In the market for a spectacular new aquarium for your fresh or saltwater buddies? We have a few ideas that are sure to wow bipeds while keeping your scaly pets safe and happy.


biOrb Life

BiOrb Life Aquarium

The biOrb Life series combines modern lines with the serenity of nature — sans the cheap-looking faux wood trim. While the price tag can be a bit shocking at first, these tanks come with supplies you may normally have to buy separately, including an LED Intelligent Light, an airstone, and more. We recommend buying a more advanced air pump and saving the one that comes with it for a backup, as it doesn't last as long. It comes in three sizes and in red, white and black. (PetSmart, $300 – $400)


Hanging Aquarium

Hanging aquarium

This aquarium gives your fish a bird's-eye view — of the living room, at least. Her bowl will be suspended from a silver or brass rod as she happily swims in a lamp-like bowl. Just be careful to make sure this bowl goes in a place unlikely to be bumped, lest your wee friend experience a manmade earthquake more frequently than desired. It's a great way to bring a little old-world sophistication into any room. (Opulent Items, $40)


Wall Aquarium

Hanging wall aquarium

This tempered glass aquarium surrounded by a beautiful brushed aluminum frame will elevate your pets from pedestrian to picturesque — literally. It comes in four sizes and in silver, red and black. (Opulent Items, $150)


Bubble Tank

Bubble tank

This thought-provoking aquarium by Psalt Design is as beautiful as it is functional. While it's not appropriate for areas with high foot-traffic or where little hands can reach, the bowl is stable. (Psalt Design, $453)


Jellyfish Art

Jelly fish art

Jellyfish are quite possibly one of the most peaceful and beautiful marine animals discovered. Bring the beauty you see on TV to your desktop with this specially designed jellyfish tank. As one might imagine, it's not inexpensive to get into keeping these exotic animals. A kit including the tank, one jellie and some food costs almost $400. But a kit containing everything you need costs just over $700 and is likely well worth the cost to enthusiasts. (Jellyfish Art, $300 – $710)


Marimo Aquarium

Marimo glass ball tanks

If the price tags on some of the other items in the roundup are a bit out of your range, or if you'd just like to start with something a bit easier to care for, these cute glass vases by Etsy purveyor PinkSerissa are the perfect way to bring a little life to your desk at work without the guilt of leaving a critter behind at the end of the day. (Etsy, $21 and up)



iMac tank

Apple fangirls will love this iMacAquarium, made from a real Apple G3 iMac. Each unit is hand-built and comes with a built-in filter and a light. The case actually comes out so you can access the inside, and the Apple emblem on top comes off for easy feeding. If you're a DIYer, you can purchase a kit to build your own, but unless you have experience working with extremely dangerous CRT monitors, we recommend the pre-construct. (Jake Harms, $300)


Aquarium Sink

Sink tank

If you're trying to create a natural oasis in your bathroom, a place of real serenity to get away from the trials of the day, this aquarium sink is a beautiful accent piece. The top rises for decorating and cleaning, and two covered holes on the side allow easy feeding. We recommend this be used in areas where light hand washing is the only business, as too much activity may scare your fishies. (Opulent Items, $4,500)

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