Bonjour! Teach your dog another language

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We say you can at least teach him a few words in a new language, so get ready to wow the other dog moms at the dog park with your multilingual pup. Here’s our handy training guide with some of the most common dog commands in a few foreign languages. Sit and stay never sounded so good!

french woman walking dogs
Ever dream of being bilingual? Well, let’s start with your dog. Teach your new puppy his commands in a foreign language from the get-go, or add a foreign words to his next training session.


If your dog has all the style and charm in the world with just the right amount of standoffishness, maybe it’s time to add a few French words to his training repertoire.

  • Sit: Assis (ah-see)
  • Stay: Pas bouger (pa-boo-gay, g pronunced like g in lingerie)
  • Down: Coucher (coo-shay)
  • Come: Viens (vee-en, en like you’re saying on but without the n)
  • Heel: Au pied (oh-pee-ay, ay pronounced like the letter A)


For all the Chihuahuas (and chi-wannabes) out there, a Spanish language command is just what you need to impress your lady friend at the dog park. Show her how you sientate like a good boy, and she won’t be able to resist you!

  • Sit: Sientate (see-ain-ta-teh)
  • Stay: Quieto (key-ay-toe, ay like the letter A)
  • Down: Abajo (ah-bah-ho)
  • Come: Ven (ven)
  • Heel: Junto (hoon-toe)


If your pup is on the serious side, teach him a German command to exercise his training brain. Perfect for shepherds and any dog who wants some Deutschland flair.

  • Sit: Sitz (sittz)
  • Stay: Bleib (bly-b)
  • Down: Platz (platz)
  • Come: Hier (hee-er)
  • Heel:  Fuss (foos)


The language of passion, Italian just sounds colorful and bright. For the happy-go-lucky pup, you can’t go wrong with a few Italian commands.

  • Sit: Seduto (seh-doot-oh)
  • Stay: Fermo (fair-mo)
  • Down: Giu (jew)
  • Come: Vieni (vee-eh-nee)
  • Heel: Al piede (al-pee-eh-deh)

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