Top 5 dog breeds that love swimming

Jun 12, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

If your summer plans involve poolside lounging, you'll need a nose diving companion to help you enjoy the swimming season. Our four-legged friends are always available for a day of fun, but not all pooches are cut out for pool-time. Whether you're looking for a furry friend to join you in the water or simply a pup with a zest for summer activities these top five dog breeds were born to doggy paddle.

Golden retreiverGolden retriever

The sweet-natured golden retriever was born to swim. Bred to retrieve fowl from water and land, this lovable companion is no stranger to the doggy paddle. With a dense water-repellant coat, webbed feet and a healthy stamina, goldens are fully equipped for long days of fetching, swimming and playing at your favorite summer water hole. With an eager-to-please demeanor, goldens are more than happy to help you perfect your backstroke or join you on a freelance swim.

Portuguese Water DogPortuguese water dog

With a name that says it all, the Portuguese water dog has swimming down to a science. Long ago, this intelligent breed worked as a water messenger to help vessel passengers communicate at sea. Today, we can see this hearty breed splish-splashing in the mother of all pools as the official four-legged presidential sidekick. Much like its water-loving companions, nature built the Portuguese water dog with webbed feet and water-resistant coat for hours of water work and play.


On land, poodles may be known as the epitome of class and sophistication but don't let their refined appearance fool you. When it comes to water, this breed loves getting its paws in the mud. In fact, the poodle breed was named after a German word meaning puddle due to their strong water retrieval skills. These pretty pooches were bred as hunters and retrievers with strong and proportionally long legs that provide them with excellent athletic abilities.


This gentle giant was bred with a body frame sturdy enough to withstand treacherous waters. Their sturdy bone mass gives this large breed strength and buoyancy to swim laps over waves and currents. Newfoundlands make excellent pool partners and their sweet dispositions make them loyal friends. With natural survival and rescue instincts, this breed also provides potentially lifesaving companionship.

Irish water spaniel

Better known for its stylish mop-like mane and unique looks, the Irish water spaniel is a rare find. With only a small known number living in America, this breed is likely found paddling in cool bodies of water. This playful pup was born with a rudder-like tail that contributes to its excellent water retrieving skills. The Irish water spaniel not only makes a great poolside companion but also a wonderful family pet.

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