Top 10 road trip must-haves for pets

May 23, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Grab your best friend and head out on an unforgettable summer road trip. These top 10 must-haves will ensure peace of mind on the road for both you and your furry friend.

Pretty Pail

Pretty pail

Mealtime on the go is easy with this all-in-one dog pail by Kurgo. The Wander Pail packs two bowls, nested in a stylish, compact carrier so you don't have to worry about packing multiple food dishes. The insulated design keeps food fresh so even raw food diets remain unspoiled and tasty.


Backseat driver

Is your pet eager to get in the driver's seat? Let your pup take the backseat, and stay there, with this reliable pet travel barrier by Bergan. Durable and easy to use, distraction-free travels start with a simple installation. All you need to do is keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride.

Seat cover

Fur-free travel

Dog may be your co-pilot, but your human passengers could do without Fido's furry aftermath. Keep your vehicle spic and span with a car seat protector like this practical cover found at Brookstone. No need to break out the Dirt Devil after a canine adventure, with a car seat protector like the Bench Seat Cover, your pet will feel like royalty relaxing on a plush throw and your car will keep that freshly vacuumed look.

Litter on the Go

Litter on the go

Unless your kitty is leash trained, long road trips are simply uncomfortable bladder busters for your feline friend. Keep your cat calm and relaxed with a portable kitty litter box like this compact option from the Pet Travel Store. This portable tray is foldable, waterproof and machine washable for you and your pet's convenience. Simply fill it up with your pet's favorite litter and hit the road.

Wood Chuck by Planet Dog


Have fun in nature while reducing your carbon pawprint with earth-friendly toys like the Wood Chuck by Planet Dog. Engineered with sustainable bamboo and reused cork scraps, your pet can help protect Mother Earth with every catch.

Life Jacket


Make sure your pet takes a safe dive into summer with a bright and bold life jacket by Outward Hound. If your summer road trip involves a swimming hole — concrete or natural — life jackets help keep your pet afloat while enjoying a refreshing dip in the water.

Emergency kit

First aid

Tackle every worst-case scenario with a properly packed first aid kit. Kits come in all shapes and sizes like these pre-packed wonders by Outdoor Safety. Simply pick one that fits your pet's needs and on the road you go!


Buckle up

Just like our human counterparts, buckling up is also a safety best practice for pets. A sturdy car harness like this one by Ezydog is the best way to keep your best friend securely seated.

Cuddly Carrier

Cuddly carrier

For finicky pets, carriers are best. A comfy roof over your pet's head like this one by Pet Gear Inc. might be just what they need to keep calm on a road trip. For utmost comfort, place a plush bed and soft toys in the carrier.


Boredom buster

When your pets start whimpering and whining, it's their way of asking "are we there yet?" Keep them entertained with chewable distractions like this bacon-favored, outdoors-inspired DuraChew by Nylabone. Tasty and strong, your pet will be satisfied for the long haul.

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