The coolest dog houses you’ve ever seen

Don’t show Fido these dog houses — he’s sure to be jealous. You’ll never believe these dog houses from around the world, including dog houses that are unusual, luxurious or just plain crazy!

Doggie cabana for poolside pups

Royal Cabanas

Nothing less than the best for your dog’s time at the pool! These Royal Cabanas are custom-built and available from the Decadent Digs Collection from Beyond the Crate. There will only be 10 of these poochie cabanas made, each one constructed from gorgeous hardwoods, a plush faux-mink dog bed and even your dog’s name in Swarovski crystals above the entrance. The drapes are all hand-stitched and, of course, the paint is non-toxic so that it can be chewed without concern. Base price for the Royal Cabana is $7,600 — additional options may cost more.

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Modern mansion for stylish dogs

Cubix Mansion

It was hard to choose a favorite dog house from German company Best Friend’s Home, but the Cubix Mansion had to be at the top of the list. With its fresh, modern lines and bold color scheme, this is a dog house that you can proudly put in the backyard of your own mid-century modern home without cringing every time you look outside. Yes, it has windows, but they are made of break-proof glass, so your pup can romp around all he pleases without cause for concern.

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Haute hacienda for posh pooches

Haute hacienda for posh pooches

For $20,000, a dog house should be as nice as your own home, right? Well, this Mexican Hacienda custom dog house, available via Rockstar Puppy, will have your dog thinking that he is the owner and you are the pet. The dog house can be custom-designed to match your own hacienda-style home and includes hand-laid tile floors and custom dog (or cat) wallpaper on the interior. The price tag of $20,000 is just a starting point for these dog houses — additional options may cost more, but if you’re already dropping that kind of cash on a house for your dog, you probably won’t mind!

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