6 Unique pet names

Jul 7, 2011 at 2:37 p.m. ET

Fido. Felix. Tweety. These common pet names are about a dime a dozen, but where's the fun in naming your pet something… ordinary? Giving your pet a unique name reflects on you -- and your unique personality! Need some inspiration? Here are 6 unique pet names to get you started.

1Dog named beyonceTaco

You love your pet… and you love tacos. Why not name your favorite pet after your favorite food? This is a silly and fun way to pay homage to your fave food or drink, and pets named Taco, Meatball, Cosmo or Martini will always stand out in a crowd of Fifis. If you're so inclined, you can even name your pet after your favorite restaurant. And don't forget to tell them that the next time you frequent the restaurant. At the very least, you're sure to get a free doggie bag out of the deal!

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How many pets do you know that are named Bill or Joe or Dave? Give your pet a classic human name, and man's best friend will instantly feel like your human bestie. And you'll never feel lonely if your friends call and ask what you're doing. You can honestly say, "Oh, just hangin' with Bill." Keep all your friends guessing who the new man in your life is!


Giving your pet a unique name, such as a personality trait, is a great way to reveal a little about your pet's (ahem, and your) personality! When it comes to this unique pet name, the options are unlimited. If you truly want your pet's name to reflect your personality, do some brainstorming before committing to one name. Make a list of your favorite personality traits (flirty, fancy, smiley, sassy, etc.) then consider what would (and would definitely not) work as a unique pet name.


Travel lovers can reach back in their memory rolodex of travels when considering inspiration for a unique pet name. For Southern California devotees, Diego is a cool pet name; and East Coast lovers might prefer Jersey or Boston. When naming a pet after a city, state or region (Napa, anyone?), consider where you were born (city or state), a place you've always wanted to visit (Capri) or the place you'll return to again and again throughout your life.

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If music is your vibe, consider giving your pet a musical moniker. Once again, this topic is only limited by your love of music. Just remember: your pet may live a lot longer than a flash-in-the-pan musician. So give your pet a musical name with some staying power like Bono or Fergie. In a few years, your pet may even roll his eyes if you refer to him as 'Justin Bieber.' Just sayin'.

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6Laverne and Shirley

If your pet is truly your other half, give him or her credit. If your name is Jill, why not name your precious pet Jack? Kellys out there may love snuggling with their very own Regis at nighttime. And what's a Juliet without her Romeo?

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