5 free must-have apps for pet owners

Mar 7, 2016 at 3:15 p.m. ET
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If your phone is filled with more photos of your furry sidekick than your friends or your kids, you're certainly not alone. For most of us, pets quickly become members of the family — which means that there are plenty of fun apps to support (and organize) your extra-special relationship with your four-legged friend. Here are five of our favorite pet app picks:

1. Pet Names

Pet names app
Image: iTunes

Starting us off with a bang, this app is pretty freaking cute. If you’re looking for a unique and catchy pet name beyond the typical “Fido” or “Snowball,” the Pet Names app is sure to inspire. You can easily browse through thousands of pet names by popularity, type of pet or alphabetical order — and even store your top picks on a special tracking list for later. As simple as the app sounds, it’s likely to keep you entertained for hours, with nearly 3,000 pet name choices for dogs, cats, birds, cows, frogs, hamsters, horses and much more. Bonus: The app is also ranked as the number one pet names app in the App Store.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “It's a great app, so many cool and nice names. I love it… I had to use it to think of a name for my horse...”

Price: Free

2. iClicker

iClicker app
Image: iTunes

Because training might be the second thing you do when you bring home that furry bundle of joy, download the iClicker app right away. It is free, after all. The iClicker app is advertised to make dog training “fun, fast and effective,” using the clicker method that is employed by the top dog trainers around the world for basic and advanced obedience. The iPhone app works as a simple, animated clicker for the purpose of training and offers nine clicker training tutorials, plus 32 in-depth clicker training videos.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “I have a Labrador retriever named Zoe, and I'm wanting to train her, but a lot of training videos include some kind of clicker, and I was like, ‘We ain't got time to be running around a store looking for a stinking clicker!’ So, I looked in the App Store, and I found iClicker, and I was like, ‘Ok.’ So, I downloaded it, then I tried to teach my 3-month-old Labrador to sit, and guess what! I taught her how to sit in just less than one hour! So thank you people who made iClicker.”

Price: Free

3. Pet First Aid

Pet first aid app
Image: iTunes

Having a new pet is kind of like having a new baby — you never know what to do when they’re sick or when you should bring them to the doctor. Thankfully, the American Red Cross has simplified the guessing game by putting pet owners’ most pressing questions into one concise app, named a top 5 “purr-fect” app for cat lovers by Mobile FOMO and a top 8 “cool tools” gadget for loving pet people by Good Housekeeping. In the app, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for everyday emergencies, info for behavioral issues, advice for issuing medication and an early warning sign checker for preventative care, with the ability to toggle between dog and cat needs.

Available: iTunes, Android

Users say: “I am really enjoying this app. I appreciate how easy it is to toggle between Dog/Cat First Aid information and that there is an emergency section that I can quickly refer to in case I have any immediate concerns. The records I've created for each of my pets is an easily accessible tool that I have with me at all times, due to the convenience of keeping these records on my phone. The vet hospital and hotel locators are great tools for anyone who travels with their pets. Overall, I think this app is well worth a download, for any dog or cat owner.”

Price: Free

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