Heidi the cross-eyed Opossum is a star in Germany

Heidi the cross-eyed Opossum is taking Germany by storm. Read on to learn about Germany’s Next Top Zoo Animal.

Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum

Just try not to stare at the cuteness.

Heidi, the cross-eyed Opossum, is taking Germany by storm with her adorable face. Yeah, we know that Opossums aren’t usually cute, but this one is pretty darn endearing.

Heidi: The new Knut the Bear

Knut made headlines around the world in 2007 when he was born in captivity at the Berlin Zoo. His mother rejected him soon after birth, leaving zookeepers to raise him by hand. He soon became an international sensation and tourists flocked to see him on display.

Now, it looks like Heidi the Opossum is set to emulate Knut. The 2½ year old crossed-eyed Opossum came to the Leipzig Zoo from Denmark and has quickly become Germany’s favorite daughter. She already has 190,000 fans on Facebook, a YouTube account and a stuffed animal created in her likeness.

The funny thing? She won’t go on public display until July.

“The Heidi sensation was surprising and unplanned,” said Leipzig Zoo spokeswoman Maria Saegebarth said in a statement.

“It’s great that there has been a lot of interest, but we had nothing to do with the media hype.”

Heidi’s cross-eyes: No need for concern

Her caretakers say that Heidi’s crossed eyed have no effect on her because she’s nocturnal and relies on her sense of smell to get around.

The also said they can’t explain her popularity, but they welcome it.

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