Arkansas falling birds: Died from trauma

The mysterious Arkansas bird deaths is likely due to some sort of major trauma, a preliminary report said. What could have happened to these birds?

Red-winged blackbirds died from trauma

The thousands of red-winged blackbirds found dead around Beebe, Ark. on New Year’s Eve likely died from massive trauma, Arkansas Games and Fish Commission spokesman Keith Stephens said.

Falling birds: No organ damage

The preliminary report about the death of the falling birds shows that the birds showed major trauma in the breast area along with blood clots. The internal organs of the tested birds were normal, Stephens said.

“Further tests will be done to rule out other causes, but the birds suffered from acute physical trauma leading to internal hemorrhage and death. There was no sign of any chronic or infectious disease,” according to the game and fish commission report.

Arkansas birds: Still freaky

The preliminary report has done little to silence the questions around the dead birds. Some are even searching the Bible for divine clues about the 2012 prophecies relating to the falling birds. The website God Discussion is posting insights and public consensus on the subject and plenty of people are looking to the web for answers.

No matter the reason, it’s likely we won’t know until the official report comes out. Arkansas officials report that between 4,000 and 5,000 birds were found.

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