5 Pet costumes ideas

Oct 13, 2009 at 4:54 p.m. ET

With only a few weeks left until Halloween, you are likely wracking your brain on what to be this year. If you need a little inspiration, maybe you should let your pet be your muse.

Does your pooch look a little bit like a celebrity? Does he love any extra attention? To add a unique twist to Halloween, consider dressing as a pair with your pet, or just getting some laughs by putting him in costume. While people spend hours trying to think of the trendiest pop culture-inspired costumes (think of how many Sarah Palin look-a-likes you saw last year) it's actually classic costume ideas that tend to be most popular for pets. Check out these cute ideas for your pet this Halloween.

Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers

These handsome, slick Blues Brothers aren't singing the blues now that they have a good family.

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