You Can Cuddle Kitties & Get Paid for It (Yes, Really)

May 26, 2017 at 11:40 a.m. ET
Image: Westend61/Getty Images

What I am about to tell you may shock you. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? OK.

You can now get paid to cuddle cats.

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A cats-only vet clinic in Dublin, Ireland, called Just Cats recently posted a job opening for a "cat cuddler" position. Understandably, going to the vet is a stressful time for our favorite fluffy friends, and a little cuddling can help keep them relaxed and calm while they are being treated. If this sounds like your dream job, the clinic has listed a few requirements for the position:

  • "Are you a crazy cat person and loves [sic] cats?
  • "Does cattitude come naturally to you?
  • "Have you counted kittens before you go asleep [sic]?
  • "Do you feed the stray cats in your locality?
  • "Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?"

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The clinic also adds, "The ideal candidate must have gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time. They need to be softly spoke [sic] and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our in patients. An ability to understand different types of purring is a distinct added advantage in helping you secure this position with us."

Please stand by while I frantically Google the different types of cat purrs.

Now, the posting doesn't go into salary details, but is anyone really that concerned about pay? I mean, come on, you're getting to cuddle the most adorable creatures on the planet. I'd do that for free any day of the week.

Aside from having to move to Ireland for this dream job, there is one final qualification that may make acquiring this job a little tricky. The job posting reads, "A veterinary council of Ireland recognised qualification is essential for this role."

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If you're like me and do not have a veterinary council of Ireland qualification, I still have some good news for you. There are thousands of shelters here in the U.S. that are accepting volunteers to come and spend time with their cats. While you won't be paid for your time, you'll still get to cuddle kitties that could seriously need a little extra love. So search for a shelter close to you and contact them to see if you can help out some adorable kitties a little closer to home.

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