8 life hacks guaranteed to make having a cat as easy as you thought it would be

Cats are peculiar creatures, to say the least.

As cat owners, we don’t always see eye to eye with our felines. What we call furniture, our cats call scratching posts. What we consider a “no spill” water bowl, our cats consider a personal challenge.

It doesn’t have to be this way. These eight life hacks will revolutionize your relationship with the special feline in your life and leave you both purring in contentment.

1. Banish cat hair forever

Cat hair has magical properties. It finds a way to stick to everything, clinging to furniture, clothing and the rims of our coffee mugs. Rubber gloves strip hair from furniture and clothing and are more economical than buying lint rollers in bulk, eliminating the stress of clean-up.

2. Create a climbing space

Cats love vertical space, so help your cat get climbing by installing lots of floating shelves he can scale. Start with a couple low ones, and then install others that gradually get higher. Your cat will be in heaven when he has his own personal climbing wall.

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3. Make a tent

Give your cat a hiding space he’ll love without spending a dime. Use an old T-shirt to create a DIY tent using this tutorial, and he’ll have his own spot to snooze.

4. Keep cords covered

Some cats inexplicably enjoy chewing on power cords. Protect your cats from electric shock and your home from fires by covering your cords with protective tubing.

5. Free the birds

Is your birdhouse more of a kitty buffet than an avian sanctuary? Secure chicken wire around your birdhouses and feeders to keep outdoor cats away from the birds in your garden.

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6. Make potted plants off-limits

Cats love pawing around your indoor potted plants, leaving dirty paw prints everywhere. Try placing pinecones around the base of your plants to deter your felines from playing in the soil.

7. Put an end to picky eaters

If you’ve tried every brand of cat food to find a food your picky eater will eat, you might be surprised to find out it may be the bowl, not the food, that’s causing a problem. Some cats prefer wide dishes, according to experts, because they don’t like having their whiskers confined while they eat. Cats rely on their whiskers to sense their surroundings. Food bowls that limit whisker mobility are irritating and make them uncomfortable, so try a dish instead of a bowl.

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8. Keep litter in its place

Cats track litter throughout the house on their paws. This is more than a little gross, but there is an easy solution. Place a plush bath mat outside the litter box to catch litter from their paws. This cuts down on litter tracking, and all you have to do is periodically shake out the mat and wash it.

Life with cats can be stressful. Take a deep breath, and try some of these life hacks designed for the crazy cat lady in all of us today.

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