Psychic readings, sound therapy and 11 other strange services for your dog

Jun 6, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. ET
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There's nothing I wouldn't do for my dog — at least I thought so until I found out about some of the things people actually do for their dogs. The list of services offered for canines is almost endless, and while some of them offer solutions that may come in handy, you have to admit that many of them seem a little excessive when you're talking about a four-legged member of the family. However weird they may sound, some owners swear by these techniques so let's at least give them a shot, shall we?

1. Acupuncture

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Doggy acupuncture is a real thing, and it is used to treat everything from pain, to musculoskeletal problems, digestive issues, respiratory dysfunctions and even skin problems. Experts say that most animals don't even feel the tiny needles, though new treatments that use lasers in place of needles promise to be even more painless.

2. Psychic readings

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There's not a dog-owner who hasn't wondered what their dog was thinking from time to time. But you can put that wondering to an end when you enlist the help of a pet psychic. Find out what they're feeling, if they like their canine siblings, if you've really figured out their favorite brand of dog food and so much more. And even better? Some pet psychics can even do consultations over the phone. I'm sure your dog will be totally cool with barking into your cell on command.

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3. Dye jobs

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You're not stuck with your natural hair color, so why should your dog be? If your dog's natural hair tones don't reflect the star that she is (maybe you should consult the psychic from above?), take her to a stylist who can transform her to a shade that's more fitting for her personality. If you're not into permanent changes, some salons can even apply a colored chalk to your dog's hair for some temporary color. We're told fuchsias and blues are big hits at the dog parks these days.

4. Pedicures

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The next time you take your dog to the groomer for a claw trim, don't stop there. Say goodbye to boring paws and add some color with a colorful pup pedicure. Just be sure they're using dog-safe, non-toxic polishes and stick-ons (because every dog paw needs a little bling). Your pup will be perfectly posh by the day's end.

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5. Hypnotherapy

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If you have a high-strung dog that just never seems to settle down, hypnotherapy might be just what you need. No more will you fret over a dog that just won't go to bed when you want him to — a hypnotherapist can teach you how to hypnotize your dog right off to dream land.

6. Chiropractic care

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OK, so this is one of those that might seem over the top, but actually serves a pretty good purpose. Many dogs suffer from spine issues, and we all know that back troubles can cause all kinds of pain and other troubles. If your pup is a back pain sufferer, a doggy chiropractor might just fix him right up.

7. Therapy

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There's nothing wrong with seeing a therapist — we all know that. But taking your dog to see one might be a little too much hassle (not to mention exorbitant) for most pet owners. If you have behavioral issues that just can't be solved, though, it might be an option to consider.

8. Sound therapy

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This one might be a much cheaper (but still a bit weird) option for your anxiety-ridden dog. Studies have shown that certain types of music can help calm the nerves of dogs. Playing some tunes is a small price to pay for your dog's sanity, isn't it?

9. Plastic surgery

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In a world where we are fighting the urge to always look as perfect as possible, it's pretty sad that some pet owners are now even turning to plastic surgery for their pups. There are surgeries available to give your dog better shaped ears, wrinkle reduction, facelifts and even eyebrow correction. And for those male dogs feeling emasculated after being neutered, testicular implants are sure to put him at ease.

10. Gyms

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Walking your dog used to be a thing, right? Bonding time for you and your pet, plus a chance for you both to burn some extra calories. Apparently, pet-owners are out-sourcing that now, by dropping their dogs off at gyms to get a workout while they're at work.

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11. Friend-finders

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Did you know that there's a Tinder for dogs? If you don't want your pup to be lonely at the dog park, you can set up a play date in just a few swipes using services like Meet My Dog.

12. Massage

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There's nothing like a good massage, and believe it or not, your dog can benefit from one too. If you have an aging or injured dog, massage therapy might be the way to ease some of his pain and get him back on his feet. I'm pretty sure I'd be jealous if my dog had a masseuse, though, since I definitely don't.

13. Swim lessons

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We just assume that all dogs are born knowing how to swim, but not all can. And if your dog is less than comfortable in the water, what do you do? Enroll him in swimming lessons, of course! At least that's the length some dog owners are going to to help their pups learn the doggy paddle.

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