8 reasons big dogs are the best pets ever

Mar 16, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Image: Laura Nuss/SheKnows

Want to get a group of friends or colleagues into an all-out fight — without bringing up politics or religion? Start talking about why large dogs are the best! Do you have a bias toward or against small dogs? Does a dog's size matter? I'm not one to set off the haters, because the most important factors in finding a dog are lifestyle, work schedule, budget and living space. These are considerations dog owners can agree on regardless of a dog's size. With that said, let me sell the undecided on the top reasons large dogs are the best!

1. Large dogs, by nature of their size, won't break when you play with them

Image: Laura Nuss/SheKnows

Owning a large dog means you never worry about accidentally stepping on the family pet! Dogs who are weighed in ounces don't have this inherent safety net.

2. Large dogs make their presence known

Whether on a couch or a muddy puddle, big dogs just take up more surface area. Their sheer size lends itself to their dramatic, tail-wagging, body-slamming entrances. It's not uncommon for a large dog's hips to slide into a room before its shoulders — they're simply too big to be ignored. And their uncoordinated efforts make them all the more appealing and adored.

3. Large dogs' sleeping patterns are remarkably similar to their family members

Image: Laura Nuss/SheKnows

Like their owners, large dogs hit the floor (or bed) with a huge sigh when settling down for the night. It's difficult to discern whether it's our Bernese mountain dog or son snoring when both are crashed on the couch — they snore in unison. Large dogs believe the king-size bed in the master bedroom is fair game, and in the end they always win this argument!

4. Large dogs are more active

The best yoga pose ever (downward facing dog) wasn't named after a poodle pose! Big dogs love to participate in the activities of their owners. Whether it's because they like to move or they don't want to be excluded, they are always game for a swim, run, hike or bike ride.

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5. Large dogs have nothing to prove

Image: Laura Nuss/SheKnows

Large dogs are not easily manipulated into wearing sweaters. Their size gives them the upper paw when objecting to wardrobe decisions. But they can get away with an accessory like a bandanna or Mardi Growl beads and tulle.

6. Big dogs love to have a job

Large dogs thrive in their responsibilities to serve, protect, guide and rescue. Across the country, many large breeds work closely with their human counterparts to keep communities safe, support law enforcement and search and rescue and guide those needing assistance.

The best part of dog ownership is our pets find us. We fall in love with our hearts and not by the number on the scale!

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