11 goats show us what it's like to work in an office (GIFs)

Mar 3, 2016 at 12:05 p.m. ET
Image: Carl Neufelder/Getty Images

Disgruntled co-workers? Angry bosses? Coffee pot empty? These hardworking goats know how you feel. So, munch on some hay and get ready to plow through your workday with these eager (and adorable) goats.

1. 8 a.m. meeting and co-workers are already butting heads

goat butting mirror
Image: Giphy

Seven hours. Only seven hours left.

2. The obligatory stop at the water cooler

goat drinking water
Image: Giphy

"Hey! How was your weekend?" Just kidding, I really don't care.

3. When someone leaves three dozen donuts in the break room

sleepy goats
Image: Giphy

If anyone needs me, I'll be at my desk... in a sugar coma.

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4. Lunch break

happy goats running
Image: Giphy

Thirty minutes of freedom!

5. When you finally work up the courage to ask for a raise

jumping goat fail
Image: Giphy


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6. When that one co-worker starts telling really personal stories again

sliding goat on ice
Image: Giphy

Can't. Leave. Fast enough.

7. When you're required to participate in the company's annual softball game

mean goat
Image: Giphy

Finally! A chance to take all that built-up anger out on my boss.

8. But then the day after the game...

goat in wheelchair
Image: Giphy

Maybe I went a little too hard.

9. When you meet your monthly sales quota a week early

Hopping goat
Image: Giphy

Nailed it!

10. And when it's finally time to clock out

excited goat running
Image: Giphy

Move it, people. I am outta here.

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11. Only one long train ride between me and my couch

goat in a wheel barrow
Image: Giphy

Ah, and I get to do it all over again tomorrow.