New app lets you see what kind of dog you would be

Ever wondered what kind of dog breed you look like?

You don’t have to wonder anymore, because there’s finally an app that can tell you. is a site that was actually designed to help you identify the breeds of dogs, but — surprise, surprise — the Internet has found it a whole new purpose. Users have been uploading images of people to the website and its free sister app, Fetch, and the results are pretty hilarious.

There’s no denying those are the soulful eyes of a Lab, right?

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And I can totally see the border collie resemblance in this guy.

Well, they do have their hair color in common.

I mean, even if you don’t see the physical resemblance (please, tell me you do), the description for this one is kind of spot on, right?

I know Snoop prefers to compare himself to a Doberman, but I’m going to see him as an Irish setter from now on.

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Of course, it’s not always spot on.

I mean, she’s a lot prettier than a dachshund. Although, her hair is just as shiny.

And just in case you were wondering, this site does actually work with dogs.

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I am NOT stubborn. I'm not. #whatdogrobot

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Perfect match!

But it draws the line at cats. We all have our limits, I guess.

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