Kinta the Shiba Inu’s facial expressions will make you fall in love (PHOTO)

Kinta the Shiba Inu has more Facebook friends than me, but then again, she’s also much cuter.

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The cream-coloured Shiba Inu was rescued from the streets of Owasso, Oklahoma, and is gathering quite a fan following with 1,670 fans on Facebook. And the reason, apart from the fact that she’s really cute, is because of this pooch’s awesome facial expressions.

Shiba Inus are reportedly extremely loyal to their owners, although they can give strangers the cold shoulder.

It’s impossible not to love this face — and giggle at it.

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She sees right into your soul.

Even a tired Kinta is adorable and hilarious.

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Kinta’s Facebook page reveals she also loves cats and her brother, Kilo, who happens to be a Chihuahua.

This must be her guilty “I’m stuffing my face with sweets” face. We can totally relate, just BTW.

Check out that winking face!

Ah, Kinta is super adorable!

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