Squirrel completes a Hollywood-inspired obstacle course (VIDEO)

Feb 8, 2016 at 9:53 a.m. ET
Image: Mike Korostelev/Getty Images

YouTube user Steve Barley likes to make the squirrels in his backyard work for their nuts. He rigs up elaborate obstacle courses that they must work their way through in order to reach the prize at the end. 

Just in time for the Oscars, Barley's latest course is a Hollywood-themed gauntlet featuring scenes from iconic movies like Titanic, Jaws, Indiana Jones and Spider-Man.

First, he gives us an overview of the course.

Ninja squirrel 1
Image: Giphy

This squirrel will need to channel its inner ninja to make it through.

Then we meet the lucky contestant, Nutalie Portman.

Ninja squirrel 2
Image: Giphy

And we learn little Nutalie has an injured paw. Don't give up, Nutalie! We believe in you.

First, Nutalie tunnels her way out of a prison.

Ninja squirrel 3
Image: Giphy

An escape even Tim Robbins would be proud of.

Next up: Jaws

Ninja squirrel 4
Image: Giphy

Those chompers won't intimidate Nutalie. She took that beast down with one tiny foot.

Nutalie must now weave her way through an intricate spiderweb.

Ninja squirrel 5
Image: Giphy

Nutalie's spidey senses are fierce.

Only two more obstacles to go! Let's see how she manages in the Temple of Doom.

Ninja squirrel 6
Image: Giphy

Indiana Jones himself couldn't have done a better job.

Last one, Nutalie — you got this.

Ninja squirrel 7
Image: Giphy

Maybe Jack would have survived if he had a skilled partner like Nutalie instead of Rose. Just saying.

Does Nutalie make it to the grand prize at the end? Watch the full action-packed video below.


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