Vile practice of selling kittens for bait needs to be exposed

Jan 26, 2016 at 11:59 a.m. ET
Image: Dan Kitwood/Staff/Getty Images

For most of us, kittens are in our lives to be loved and cherished but there are some people in this world whose disregard for these tiny animals' lives is completely appalling, as well as heartbreaking.

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In fact the story is pretty hard to read.

Kittens are reportedly being sold on social media as dog bait, according to a report by Metro which shows adverts for a litter of kittens along with the caption, "Will have a litter ready for Christmas (dog bait)." And another image which shows a cat in the clenched jaws of a dog, along with the caption, "got some now anyone want to put bet on who wins."

This practice is horrific and these people need to be exposed. However this can prove difficult because those behind the social media marketing are constantly changing accounts and using pseudonyms. They are also believed to be part of a bigger network and not acting solely as individuals.

According to the Daily Mail, the RSPCA is investigating the Facebook pictures which offered kittens as live bait and a spokesperson told the publication that, "The RSPCA can confirm that it has received complaints about kittens being sold for 'dog bait' in the Liverpool area and will be investigating.

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"Any reports of animals being used to attack other animals are extremely disturbing and anyone with information should contact us."

Metro also got in touch with Peta's Associate Director Elisa Allen who revealed the dangers of selling animals using online tools.

"Web sales of animals are downright dangerous, as PETA US' cruelty investigators can attest. These animals are vulnerable and it's hard to ensure that they are headed to responsible, loving homes where they will receive proper care.

"Online ads appeal to impulse buyers who likely won't give serious thought to the lifelong commitment needed to provide an animal with stability — and people who deliberately hurt animals.

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"Allowing any breeder to advertise online also kills shelter animals' chances: for every puppy or kitten who is bred and sold by a breeder, an animal awaiting adoption at a shelter loses his or her chance of finding a home."

In an attempt to put an end to such disgusting practices we are sharing the story and hope that you do too.