12 Animals whose epic fails are actually adorable

Watching adorable animal videos is arguably one of the greatest advancements made possible by the internet. Forget about accessing all of that incredible and potentially life-changing knowledge. When I click on my web browser, most of the time I’m after one thing and one thing only — adorable animal fails.

Watching cute animals struggle with life makes my own struggles that much more tolerable. We might be different species, but the struggle bus clearly does not discriminate.

Just keep retrieving
Image: Giphy

Warning: This could bring back painful memories of childhood swim lessons and public pools.

Waffles the Terrible - Funny Cat Fails Epic Jump
Image: Giphy

I wish I didn’t relate quite so strongly to this cat. We’ve all experienced at least one slippery winter mishap.

cat jump fail
Image: Giphy

So much ambition, so much fail.

Turtle eating tomato
Image: Giphy

This turtle sums up how I feel about most over-sized restaurant sandwiches.

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Monkey falls out of tree after smelling finger
Image: Giphy

Pretty sure this chimp won’t be making that mistake again.

GoPro Squirrel Fail
Image: Giphy

This squirrel clearly overestimated its ability to cling to slippery surfaces.

Blanky the French Bulldog Struggles to get Tennis ball
Image: Giphy

Sometimes our dreams are just barely out of reach. We feel your pain, adorable little French Bulldog.

dog vine fail
Image: Giphy

This dog is pretty much me before I’ve had my coffee.

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Owner throws treat to dogs but one of them can't seem
Image: Giphy

Don’t worry, sweet little pup. Some of us will never learn to catch. Ever. No matter how many Little League coaches and well-meaning parents take time out of their schedules to yell at us from the sidelines.

Teaching our puppy Pacino how to catch
Image: Giphy

That stuffed bone did come at him pretty quickly.

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dog fish fail
Image: Giphy

That will most likely be this poor pup’s first and last fishing trip.

Dot's fail
Image: Giphy

You’re not alone, ambitious little ferret. We’ve all been there.

Next time the struggle bus picks you up, remember that you are in good company. The only bad news is that these 12 animal fails are way cuter than most of our human blunders.