Pug wants a bath and won't give up until she gets her way (WATCH)

Jan 8, 2016 at 7:58 a.m. ET
Image: Terry J Alcorn/E+/Getty Images

Some dogs love getting a bath while for others it's something to be endured. For one particular pug, Ethel, it's definitely a treat — and she doesn't want anyone to enjoy a soak in the tub without her. 

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In a video posted to the Pretty 52 Facebook page, we see Ethel the pug (best name for a pug ever, BTW) perched on the side of the bath, looking longingly at the bubbles. Trying to be surreptitious, she dips a paw in the water despite her owner repeatedly telling her not to.

Clearly Ethel is a rebellious sort because every time she is told "No" she simply tries to find another way to make it into the water.

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It's all great fun until, well, the inevitable happens. What Ethel wants, Ethel gets — and you can probably guess how she finally manages to get into the bath. But you'll want to watch it anyway: 


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